What happens to the relationship between British citizens and Spain?

The most important thing is to differentiate between the British people who have been residing in Spain until the 31st of December 2020 and those who have not.

People who have resided in Spain until the 31st of December 2020 can find themselves in 3 situations:

Being registered as resident in Spain after the 6th of July 2020

You have the same rights as a European citizen for 5 years and you can prove that status with the TIE card. This is a biometric card that contains your identity details.

Being registered as resident in Spain before the 6th of July 2020

You have the same rights as a European citizen during 5 years with the green A4 paper but you should request the TIE card because is more durable and will simplify administrative processes and border crossings.

Not being registered as resident but have been residing until the 31st of December 2020

It is highly advisable to apply for the registration. If not, you are going to miss the opportunity to obtain the Spanish residency with the same facilities as a European citizen.

¿Foreigner living in Spain?

Know your rights


The right to automatically become a permanent resident in Spain after five years, without having to meet minimum income or healthcare cover requirements.


Get increased your national pension each year and access the Spanish public healthcare for you and your dependents while you can still use the UK’s.


The right for legal partners and family members who can depend on you to access to Spanish residency
with simpler processes.


The right to live in Spain full time and not just for 90 days each 180 days.


Work and study in Spain under the same conditions as European Union citizens.


The right to access certain
social services benefits.

What is the TIE card?

The TIE card is the legal document that is required to Non-EU citizens (TIE Spain) who plan to move to Spain. In combination with other documents like the Empadronamiento and the Social Security Number, are neccesary documents that verify your legal status in Spain and should be applied for very early into your time here.

Although  TIE card is required for almost all foreigners moving to Spain, the application process is notoriously painful. With a lack of coherent information online, language barriers and long waiting times. That’s why we helps Non-European citizens apply for their TIE card.

«What are you waiting for to get your TIE card?»

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